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Williams Racing has confirmed that Felipe Massa has agreed to re-join the team on a one year deal after coming out of retirement to replace Valterri Bottas.

Massa alongside Lance Stroll had made his formula one debut in the 2017 FIA formula one world championship. After joining Williams in 2014, Massa has been instrumental to the team’s improved performance supporting resurgence to third place in the constructor’s championship in his first and second years.

Addressing the announcement, Massa said;

“I am very happy to have an opportunity to return to Williams. I always intended to race somewhere in 2017, but Williams is a team close to my heart and I have respect for everything it is trying to achieve.

“Valtteri has a great opportunity, given the turn of events over the winter, and I wish him all the best at Mercedes.”

He said that he had always looked forward to walking with lance as he had known the driver for several years during which he watched his talent develop greatly, he stressed that he looked forward to seeing what they can achieve together. (more…)

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With his retirement getting closer, the Williams team has decided to present Felipe Massa with the Formula 1 car which he had raced in at his final home Brazilian Grand Prix as what they call a “leaving gift”.

Massa will be drawing the curtains down on his F1 career after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Sunday. At a special team farewell party held on Saturday night at the Yas Marina paddock, the Brazilian was at the centre stage.

Claire Williams, deputy team principal, had paid glowing tribute to the so many contributions by Massa since joining the outfit in 2014. After that, she announced that apart from the presents of a photo album and a specially commissioned cartoon to illustrate his career, Massa would be given his Brazilian GP chassis as well.

Title sponsor, Martini had ensured that the car featured a unique rebranding by replacing its name with “Massa” on the car.

An emotional Massa who struggled to hold back tears after hearing the announcement, told everyone that he was filled with gratitude for everything Williams had done for him, (more…)

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Williams Team Bet On Button

Williams’s team has been hinting at Jenson Button joining up their team, but they are not willing to wait too long for that to happen.

Preliminary discussions have been held with the racer who is heralded as the former world champion. A deal has been negotiated for 2017 however, talks have not moved to the final stages as yet.

The Williams team is based out of Grove and they would like Button to come and lead the racing team. The fact that they would like Button to come on board has been made clear, but there are other candidates as well who are lined up to join the team next year.

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Williams To Retain Focus On F1

The financial reports reveal that Williams Formula 1 has a good strategy in place.

The team has been in doldrums for about a decade. However, having invested in F1 operations since 2014 the team seems to be getting back on the ground financially. The independent F1 team might not be looking rosy as yet this year, but the season is yet to unfold.

The team has had two finishes in third places. That in turn has attracted several sponsors. That in turn has boosted the revenues of the F1 team of the company. The team has reported profits this year and hopes to improve upon the same after incurring over a million in losses in 2014. The company has also seen profits coming in from the division of Advanced Engineering. The company has its core expertise in motor sport and automotive but it is now expanding to defense as well as aerospace.

The two new business areas are poised for growth. Also, as these divisions go on longer contracts and are less cyclical in nature, O’Driscoll feels that it will bring instability for the company. (more…)

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Symonds admits Ferrari is ahead of Williams F1

Pat Symonds has admitted that Williams F1 has fallen behind a resurgent looking Ferrari F1 team in the pecking order after the team lost out to new Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel in the race to finish third at the season opening Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne last weekend.

The Grove based team was forced to start the race with only one car after the FIA medical team deemed Valtteri Bottas unfit for racing but Felipe Massa was not able to take his chances and finish as best of the rest in third position, despite starting the race from third place and lost out to Vettel.

Massa ran the early part of the race in the podium places and also made an early pit stop, which, in theory, should have helped him to maintain his position considering the fact that he had fresher tyres. Yet, such was the Ferrari F1’s pace over them that Vettel was able to overtake him from the pit, rejoining the race ahead of the Brazilian.

And Symonds said that Williams F1 has a lot of work to do because Ferrari F1 is quicker than them at the moment.

He also said that tactically, it was quite a difficult race and the team felt the way Vettel was right behind the team at all times, he must be pretty quick and they had to avid the undercut and as a result, went for an early stop and Vettel showed how quick he was in those two laps. (more…)

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