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Strength Of Williams 2018 Discussed By Robert Kubica

Austria has been the latest as far as the scheduled performances of Kubica in the opening practice sessions of the weekend is concerned. The reserve driver of Williams for 2018 the Pole replaced Sergey Sirotkin and finished 38 laps. There is no doubt that Williams has had tough times this year and in the previous two sessions as there was a car at the bottom. Lance Stroll was in FP2 and Kubica in FP1. In the session held on last Friday, Kubica said the strongest characteristic of the car was the engine, power unit.

Currently, Williams runs famous colors of Martini as part of the sponsorship contract signed in 2014. It will soon come to an end when the current season is concluded. Kubica feels the performance issues faced by the team cannot be solved by magic. If the down force of the car is more, things become so much easier. Drivers can drive more smoothly and engineers have adequate scope for setup. Also, the tires work better as you switch them beforehand and there is less degradation taking place. There is no solution for everything except for down force, especially if it’s a Formula 1 car. The last performance of Kubica was seen at the Spanish Grand Prix in May which meant the Pole was not keen to emphasize much on comparing now and then. Alternately, he advised Williams to fare better on the Red Bull Ring’s engine configuration.

Kubica said that as it was a difficult phase, it is important for the team to be more competitive than before to set things right. If the external factors are in place, there should not be much of a problem as the team is perfect as a package. If the loopholes of the car are fixed, there will be no losses and Williams will be more confident than before. Williams will be stronger when all areas of the car are sorted and hence required steps have been taken to work on the same.

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