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Williams Has A New Tech Chief

Williams has a new chief technical officer who has joined in from Mercedes.

This is definitely an up for the team as they gear up for the new 2017 F1 season. Mercedes has been in the top of the game and it is hoped that Paddy Lowe will bring in new techniques and insight for the Williams team. He has recently assumed his role from his former position in a Mercedes, prior to that he had been technical director with McLaren. The senior role that he has been given at Williams should be a good career move for him and should prove beneficial for the team.

Lowe replaces Pat Symonds, who has ended his contract with Williams as the last season came to an end. Lowe also gains a shareholder position in the team and he would become part of the team of board of directors alongside the likes of Mike O’Driscoll and Claire Williams.

Lowe is happy to become part of the Williams team and he has definitely joined at a crucial time, when the season of 2017 is about to begin under the new regime of regulations of F1. It is revealed that Lowe had worked for Williams as his first job role and hence it is definitely a proud moment for him to return to the same company as a shareholder and a senior member of the team. He hopes that he will be able to bring success to the team and help in continuing the legacy of the venture. The aim of all his efforts would be to help Williams get back to the helm in the F1 races. With his experience gathered at Mercedes and at McLaren, it is hoped that he would be able to contribute significantly to improve the performances of the Williams team, starting from this season.

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